Tour de Latitude Beneficiary Projects for 2012

Beneficiary: The Kenyan Orphan Project

kopKenyan Orphan Project: KOP exists to support orphans and vulnerable children in Kenya on issues of health, education and Social welfare. Fighting poverty, disease, social exclusion and injustice.

KOP is a small, home-grown organisation with a very small staff. We believe passionately in alleviating suffering and in working hard to build a better future for children. This can be best and most sustainably achieved by working with partners and by encouraging the active participation of UK volunteers to create a new generation of advocates for children.

This year the Tour de Latitude will help fund some great projects in Kisumu including:

Hovic: KOP funds HOVIC; a day centre and night shelter for children living on the streets of Kisumu. 
This project ensures that orphaned and vulnerable children who are struggling to survive on the streets can receive nutritious meals, educational development, help, support, advice and medical care from staff at the centre

Kochogo Feeding Centre: A rural settlement near Kisumu. Built by KOP student groups the centre now helps supply meals to 180 children as well as installing bore joles to supply locals with clean fresh water

Ombeyi Feeding Centre: In June 2011 KOP funded a new polytunnel at the feeding centre. This exciting new project was launched as an income generating business and also used to help supplement the meals at the feeding centre

Kunya Primary School: Kunya Primary School is a rural school on the outskirts of Kisumu and in 2006/7 KOP initiated a feeding programme providing over 600 children with two meals a day. By providing nutritious food in school, children are able to focus on their learning instead of being distracted with a search for food or an empty stomach

Vima: VIMA is a non-government organisation (NGO) based in Kondele; an extremely deprived area near Kisumu. VIMA offers support for orphaned and vulnerable children in the area through a number of foster homes and carers; thereby offering personal care in a safe, family environment and concentrates on the educational and material support to allow these children to live as normal a life as possible

Beneficiary: Julies Bicycle

jbJulies Bicycle help to make environmental sustainability intrinsic to the business, art and ethics of the music, theatre and creative industries

Established in 2007 by leading figures in the UK music industry, Julies Bicycle is a non-profit company working across the arts and creative industries, providing expertise in environmental sustainability to over 350 organisations in the UK and internationally.

They offer practical advice, tools, resources and Industry Green environmental certification, informed by world-leading research into the environmental impacts of the creative industries.